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Sustainable Green Risk Solutions
and Environmental Risk Management

If you work in the New York metro area, you know there’s a big push toward sustainability - to reuse, recycle and reduce environmental impact. In fact, by 2014, green jobs are expected to comprise 45% of design and construction projects.

What does this mean to you? It means that your business is exposed to emerging environmental liability exposures that you never had to worry about in the past.

For example …

  • What if the building you designed or constructed fails to achieve the energy efficiency promised?
  • What if the owner is unable to attain LEED certification and the resulting tax credit he was expecting?
  • What if the green building material you manufactured or supplied unexpectedly deteriorates?
  • What if the building has structural integrity issues due to your product's failure?

As a contractor, you face environmental risk management issues every day. For instance, anytime you excavate, you could encounter an unknown underground storage tank. Anytime, you demolish a building, you could uncover lead-based paint or asbestos. And, when you build, there’s always the risk of mold formation. All of these pollution liability exposures continue to exist, but now you also have to worry about a new environmental liability exposure – the risk of being involved in a green project that fails to perform as promised.

Before you bid or contract for a green project, consult the green construction and environmental risk management experts at Milbrandt Insurance.

We’ve protected NewYork tri-state area contractors with tailored construction insurance for several decades, so it’s only natural that we’ve become one of the city’s few environmental risk management experts. We proactively protect contractors and building suppliers with unmatched environmental liability expertise:

  • Our Executive Vice President, John Cofini, is a LEED Green Associate.
  • Our Sales Associate, Chris Boscarino, has an extensive environmental background.
  • Our Marketing Director, Tom Ruane, is an expert in the areas of bonds, contracts, and building codes.
  • Our firm is a member of UrbanGreenCouncil.org.
  • We keep pace with green construction trends and environmental best practices.
  • We offer the best markets, with access to dozens of environmental risk insurance carriers.

Why take chances with environmental or pollution liability? Contact us today for a complimentary environmental risk management assessment